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  • For most repairs and services we offer a standard warranty. Our standard warranty is 60 days from the date the repair is completed. The warranty is valid only if the requirements are met.


These requirements include:

  • The device has never been subject to liquid damage, before or after the repair.

  • If a digitizer or LCD replacement was done, the device does not have damage including but not limited to physical cracks, visible scratches, or LCD lines.

  • For any model with an OLED screen, the OLED screen must be intact and not damaged in anyway. Please note that OLED screens come in two varieties hard and soft. Apple splits the manufacturing with both hard and soft. Hard OLED screens are significantly more fragile and may be prone to damage which is only seen under the right lighting conditions (ie: pressure crack)

  • The device has not been worked on by another company during the time after our repair was completed and the customer requests and brings in device for warranty.

  • The customer has not attempted to repair or alter the device in any way before or after the repair was completed.

  • If any discounts were applied to the repair, a warranty is not included.

  • If a customer provides a part for any aspect of the repair on the device, a warranty is not included.

  • If there is physical damage that was acquired before or after the repair that effects our ability to repair the device properly, such as frame damage to a mobile device, the warranty is void.

  • The phone was purchased through apple or a certified carrier (ex: Verizon, AT&T) and was not refurbished at any point.

  • Please note that any device with water resistant features may be compromised during a repair and thus we cannot be held acountable for liquid damage. Manufacturers also state that any water resistant features are 100% effective and cannot be warrantied for a failure of this mechanism.



  • Please note that we are not always aware of all the damage that has been done to the device before the repair and thus cannot be held responsible for any issues or problems that occur before or after the repair that are not in correlation with a defect part or repair.

  • We would also like you to be aware that the use of defective or unauthorized third-party chargers can cause damage to a device, often to the motherboard and/or charging circuits. Any warranty will be void if this type of damage is acquired before or after the repair, and we cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs due to this.



  • Deposits are required for some of our repairs that we do not keep parts in stock for. Parts are often pricey and can cost the majority of the repair price. Deposits made are used to insure that the customer will follow through with the repair. We use this because often parts we do not keep in stock are very device specific and we have no use for them other than the repair at hand. Distributors will often not allow for returns of items or charge us to return them. We would also like to note that if we are ordering a part for your device that has been left with us and no payment deposit was made, we will hold the device as the deposit for the repair. Under the circumstances that the customer decides not to continue with the repair after the part has been ordered, the deposit will not be refunded. If a device has been left as a deposit instead and the customer decides to cancel the repair the device is subject to be property of Wires Computing unless another financial exchange is arranged.

Unclaimed Items:


  • Any unclaimed items left at Wires Computing in excess of thirty (31) days will be become the property of Wires Computing LLC unless previous arrangements have been made to pay for or pickup the device(s).

  • Any item(s) left at our location unnecessarily after a final repair decision has been made may incur a storage fee of at least $25/month. This will apply even if an item has already been paid for.


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