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Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully before accessing, using or obtaining any materials, information, products or services. By accessing, the Wires Computing or microsolderingrepairs website or any other feature or other platform (collectively “Our Website”) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms”) and our Privacy Policy.  Wires Computing LLC. and employees are henceforth referred to by "we", "our", or "us".

Be aware of the following:


  • Mail-in repairs should include only the device, the ticket number registered when generating a repair ticket and/or a password in order to test the device when necessary. Wires Computing will not be held accountable for any misplaced, lost, broken, damaged, or otherwise altered items sent with the device; these may include, but are not limited to: chargers, cables, cases, SIM cards, SD cards, credit cards, ID's, or other peripherals unrelated to the repair.

  • Device(s) not as described---including if a repair is labeled incorrectly or the damage is in-congruent with the description provided---may be charged a processing fee.

  • We will not be held responsible for any prior damage a device may have if it has been previously worked on, repaired, or is a refurbished device from Apple, Asurion, Squaretrade or any other third-party vendor. Please note, that refurbished devices may have other issues which were not apparent at the time the device was shipped to Wires Computing.

  • In the event that a defect arises with the repair within the warranty period, the device must be shipped back to Wires Computing for evaluation and all costs of shipping shall be borne solely by the purchaser. Wires Computing will diagnose the repair immediately upon receipt; if the unit is found to be defective it will be repaired at no charge. The warranty offered by Wires Computing does not apply to defects resulting from any action of the purchaser, including but not limited to mishandling, physical damage, water damage, improper interfacing, operation outside of design limits, unauthorized charging accessories, or improper repair by someone other than Wires Computing, or unauthorized modifications.

  • WARRANTY IS VOID if the unit shows evidence of having been tampered with (broken seal) or shows evidence of being damaged as a result of excessive corrosion, heat, moisture, vibration, improper specification, misapplication, misuse, abuse or other operating conditions outside of Wires Computing's control.

  • Devices sent in for liquid damage may be repaired for data recovery purposes, meaning we will do our best and provide services to allow the user to obtain data, but we make no guarantee the device will be fully functional after a service is performed. Due to the nature of liquid damage, we cannot be sure of the life expectancy of said device and as such warranty services are limited and are handled on a case by case basis. We recommend a data backup as soon as possible after the usage of the device is restored.

  • Devices sent for repair without the corresponding password cannot and will not be tested prior to shipping; it is the duty of the customer to provide any/all means of accessing a device if they expect the device to be tested prior to return shipping. If the required material for testing was not included for the initial repair and there is a complication after the repair is completed---assuming that the issue(s) is covered by our warranty and falls within the sixty (60) day warranty period---the customer will be solely responsible for shipping, both to our shop as well as the return shipping. Under the circumstances that a device is unable to be tested completely by a Wires Computing Representative, Wires Computing will not be held liable for any functions that do not operate after having been repaired.

  • We reserve the right to charge a diagnostic fee for the time spent with the device and/or return shipping costs; this holds for cases where the repair cannot be completed.

  • Any unclaimed items left in excess of thirty (30) days will be become the property of Wires Computing LLC, unless previous arrangements have been made to pay for or pickup the device(s). In order to recoup the costs associated with performing the repair, housing a device in excess of thirty (30) days, and/or stocking parts required for the repair, the device(s) may be parted out; this intrinsically means that after thirty (30) days without prior arrangement for pick-up the device may no longer be retrievable in an capacity, by the customer or Wires Computing.

  • We reserve the right to turn away repairs at will, for any reason, and under any circumstance.

  • Wires Computing will not be held responsible for the safety, or preservation of customer data on device under any circumstance. Exceptions to this rule may be made for the case of devices sent in for data recovery service(s).

  • Customers or any person(s) associated with the customer who exhibit aggression, disrespect, or malcontent towards Wires Computing staff, employees, property, and/or patrons may be asked to leave our physical location(s), refused service---either online or physical---and in extreme cases customers may be permanently banned from future service requests.

  • All customer interactions are recorded, including: phone calls, physical interactions on location, emails, and ticket exchanges. Wires Computing reserves the right to share these interactions with local law enforcement if the safety of Wires Computing staff, employees, property, or other patrons is jeopardized; risks are assessed on a case-by-case basis and are therefore subject to interpretation by staff to ensure a safe, productive environment.

  • For any devices or products sent to, or received from, Wires Computing that are damaged, lost, or stolen by carrier in transit to customer, an insurance claim must be submitted to the carrier, not to Wires Computing. Insurance is not added by default, but instead an optional add-on to be requested by the customer. Wires Computing is not responsible or liable for loss or resulting damage due to carrier's negligence or theft. Delivery times are estimates only and Wires Computing shall not be liable for transit delays.

  • Contact details given to Wires Computing LLC such as email, phone, or social media accounts may be used in the future for in-house marketing purposes. Your information will not be sold or given to any third party company.

  • Affiliate links may earn Wires Computing LLC and its subsidiaries commission if the user proceeds with a purchase on the landing site.