iPhone 6 Long Screw Damage

During the disassembly process of the iPhone 6 you remove a plate with 5 screws holding the Digitizer, LCD, Front Camera Flex, and Home Button Flex to the board. During this process it is very important to keep the screws in the right spot that they were removed from.

The top 2 screws (shown in orange and yellow) screw into the frame and/or stand-off screws. The 3 screws in the bottom triangle are sitting atop the motherboard millimeters above very tiny traces that can be breached if a longer screw is used, hence the name "long screw damage". This is often caused by in-experienced technicians and/or Do-It-Yourselfers who failed to accurately keep track of the screws.

When this type of damage is done, the only method to repair the phone is micro soldering with a microscope. It is very significant and often times can completely ruin the phone. The symptoms of this damage is often: blue screen on start up, red screen on boot, no backlight, no image on boot, phone still vibrates but no image on screen.

After disassembling the device and inspecting the screw posts under a microscope we can see the long screw has breached the motherboard on the bottom left screw.

  • After spending some time carefully removing the screw post we can inspect and see that 3 traces have been cut short and no longer connect.

  • During this repair the person working to resolve the issue needs to mind the thicker traces that have vias which go between the board layers, also separating the ground planes near other circuits.

  • In order to repair this, very tiny jumpers thinner then human hair are needed

  • You will also need ZXW Tools USB dongle to find the correct traces and repair the cuts

After the repair is performed you can see the very delicate jumpers that connect the traces to each other to allow the signals to flow between components. 

This repair is very complex and does not always end up with success. Next time you want to save a few dollars on a repair by trying to replace a cracked iphone 6 screen yourself, stop and take it to the professionals first. This repair starts at $145 and this does not include the screen repair. When a screen repair would have only been $115 for 30mins, this repair would end up costing about $200 and 3-4 business days for testing and repair. 

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